More eco-friendly carts

June 8, 2015

In green building, permaculture and some industrial design circles, there is a lot of discussion about closed loop systems–the idea of using waste as fuel in a circular resource loop. In nature, observes architect William McDonough, there is no waste. Vancouver WA’s Tacofino carts are experimenting with this idea, starting with recycling and exploring biodiesel. […]

Cleaner carts coming to NYC

May 12, 2015

In a partnership with New York City, MOVE systems has unveiled the cart of the future: a mobile cart that runs on compressed natural gas, supplemented by solar with the option to hook up to electricity.  Vendors will lease the cart from MOVE systems. While made for NYC, the cart could be used in other […]

The soundscape of food carts

May 12, 2015

MIT’s CoLab is collecting soundscapes–audio stories of places–including this street food example from Medellin, Colombia:

Why we need food trucks in a recession

September 7, 2012

Good magazine often offers thoughtful pieces on contemporary issues, and here is a well-articulated article on food trucks. “The argument against food trucks is that they’re stealing the business of more established restaurants and, in the case of California, that they supposedly undermine efforts to feed kids nutritious lunches. But not only are many food […]

Congressman Blumenauer calls for Friday “cash mob” at carts

September 6, 2012

Go Earl! “Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan will visit Portland’s Governor Hotel for a fundraiser Monday that could close nearby streets and businesses, including a cluster of popular downtown food carts, for security. In advance of that, Democratic U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer is calling on Portlanders to swarm the food carts near the hotel, […]

Food trucks struggle in New Orleans

June 12, 2012

An Atlantic Cities article recently described the difficulties of operating food trucks in New Orleans – unfortunately, a common complaint across the nation. Like many cities, the issue is permitting. While in Chicago food trucks are getting run off the streets by the police, in New Orleans the problem is primarily restrictive permitting for the […]

A vertical food cart pod

April 30, 2012

Vertical pods as are beginning to happen in New York City, as this fascinating article reports. Food trucks drive into the freight elevator of a building in West Chelsea and make stops along the floors of the building. Absent nearby restaurants or cafes, the food trucks are welcomed as a way to bring good food […]

Review in Spacing Magazine (Canada)

April 25, 2012

Spacing, Canada’s urban design magazine, reviewed Cartopia: Portland’s Food Cart Revolution in its Winter 2012 issue: “Portland, Oregon, is considered the capital city of food trucks and carts. This charming and well-organized book looks at neighbourhood stalwarts, and the history of local food cart culture. You’ll drool with civic and gastro envy when you sink […]

Chicago food carts facing a crackdown

April 23, 2012

To regulate or not to regulate…. actually, that is not the question. Some level of regulation about food carts is necessary, particularly those related to food safety. Other regulations regarding how long carts or trucks are parked and where they are located are not so clear. It looks like Chicago is having some trouble drawing […]

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